What is artificial grass?

The artificial grass is also known as turf or synthetic grass, where it is a popular alternative of real grass. In the surface it was installed with the synthetic materials for variety of uses and purposes. The artificial grass can be used for both business and residential landscaping purpose and it includes in public parks or backyards, where it can also be used for the professional sports and athletic fields. The main need of designing the synthetic turf products is to reduce the cut costs and maintenance of the original grass that grows in the residential and office lawn areas.

The artificial grass is engineered with state of the art yarn ideas in which the artificial turf is made from the polyurethane or polyethylene fibers that are tufted to a backing for the feature of optimal durability. Today, there are several types of artificial grass products are out in the market where that fits to an array of uses and purpose. This technology sounds to be the best manufacturing technique where it continues to improve the beauty of place and gives a pleasant look and feel comparable to the natural grass plants.

Top 5 best artificial grass available in the market

Now a day’s huge number of people are showing more interest in decorating their home lawns with the artificial grass where these grasses give a unique look and feel to the home lawn area. The following are top 5 artificial grass available in the market where this makes your garden and lawn area a beautiful one.

  • LITA realistic deluxe artificial grass – Best for the pets
  • New’15 foot rolls artificial grass which is suitable one for the backyard
  • Pet Zen garden premium artificial grass – best for the dogs
  • Golden moon realistic grass – best for the garden work
  • Sun villa realistic indoor/outdoor artificial turf/grass – can be used without sand

When you are installing the artificial grass in your home then it gives a grand entrance and revolutionizes your lawn area to be more beautiful and elegant one. Along with the synthetic grass you need to buy a grass turf/carpet for keeping the artificial grass inside it. For the commercial and businesses areas where the synthetic turf can be used for landscaping. In which the artificial turf gives you the best greenly feel and natural look. If you have not used the complete area of your yarn then synthetic grass can fit to the line or other parallel landscape surfaces such as stone or concrete. For your company or office area the synthetic grass maintains the natural look with the minimal maintenance comparing to the natural grass plant. The artificial grass proves to give you an ideal surface for business areas, athletic and home areas of all kinds. Moreover it helps you to conserve the precious resources, saves your money and time. Once if you fix the artificial grass in your home lawn area then you no need to water it or trim the grass leafs and the kids getting the grass stains can be avoided easily.

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