FIFA 21 – The FUT Store Has Received An Update

FIFA 21 – The FUT Store Has Received An Update

FIFA 21 implements a FUT Store update that adds Preview Packs to the store. These packs were introduced during the Festival of FUTball event.

The FIFA 21 FUT Store has been updated. Players can expect to see the changes on July 16th. As we all know, during the Festival of FUTball a new type of packs was available from the store. For the first time in the EA SPORTS FIFA history, players were able to see the cards included in a pack before buying it. Preview packs allowed players to peek at the items and decide if to buy the pack or not. The Festival of FUTball is over but the Preview Packs are still available. After the update, players will notice that the new type of packs, Preview Packs, have remained in the store . This changes the look of the store a bit but don’t worry as it’s not a dramatic change.

Preview Packs Remain in FIFA 21 FUT Store

Some of the packs will have two purchase options. Players can buy the pack in the normal version or the preview edition. We’ve said some as not all the FUT Store packs come in this way. There are packs that have only one purchase option: normal or preview. You are now wondering what is the price difference. Fortunately, there is no difference. Players will pay the same price in FIFA 21 coins or FIFA 21 points for both normal and preview packs. You can easily differentiate the preview packs from the normal packs by their name and appearance. A preview pack’s name will contain the word “preview”. It will also have a different banner and background. These packs work in the same way as they did during the Festival of FUTball event. Players can reveal the contents of a pack. If they decide to buy it, they can use FIFA 21 coins or points to pay. If they decide to leave it, they must wait a certain time before they can preview another pack at the same time. The timer is displayed under the pack so you will know how much time you need to wait. The pack probabilities for normal and preview packs of the same type are a bit different. You will see some value difference, however, both packs have the same structure. The items in these packs are generated in the same way. The difference in the value results from the way the probabilities are calculated. The probabilities are based on a simulation. The game simulates opening a very large number of packs and then it calculates the probabilities.

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