Business Cards: Metal vs Paper

When it comes to business cards, their look and feel holds a lot of value.  The purpose of a business card is not only to help you gain information about a company, but also get a gist of what the company is like. This all comes down to first impressions that depend on the style of a card.

There are two types of business cards being used nowadays; metallic and paper cards. Although paper cards are used commonly and can be aesthetically pleasing, they cannot leave the same impression that Metal Kards have.

Metal business cards leave a strong impression on people and make your business look high end and professional. It gives a classy and stylish impression, which gives the other party a better impression of you. Metal cards can be ordered through a number of different companies. You get a variety of options in these as well like; copper finish, brass finish, gold finish, black metal and stainless-steel cards. Metal cards info has loads of designs that you can choose from.

Since business cards are made in bulk, metal cards can be cost-effective. Another plus for these cards, other than their stylish look, is that they are long lasting. And since they feel more premium, there’s a lesser chance of someone misplacing them.

Metal cards are considered superior to paper cards because of their durability and premium look. When you give look something unique and cool, people look at it thoroughly and then to keep it safe. Hence, your business card will automatically be prioritized over other cards.

Although the cost of paper cards remains lower than that of metal cards, the long term benefits of metal cards balances this out. Metal cards can be carved with any design you want. These small details are what make your company stand out from your competition.

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